Justin Bieber gives Madrid a great show without voice or Passion


“The show is worth it. Male believer word on the break. Perhaps female fans, more than 80% of the audience long, who took weeks and even more than a month waiting to see the Canadian singer have another conclusion of the concert judging by their howls, but the truth is that Justin Bieber show is A great technological show but not a concert.

The musician presented last night in Madrid his fourth studio album, ‘ Purpose ‘, a postre album, with collaborators like Diplo or Skrillex, in which he wanted to show his maturity (yes, at age 22) and to be judged for his work More than for his eccentricities and his legion of fans. Which, by the way, would like to have more than one.

So if we judge Justin Bieber for his work we will have two versions. That of the ‘belieber’ who has come out exhausted and full of a concert dedicated precisely to that: exhibition and orgasm , and the one of the hundreds of companions that last night we saw a young man who is unhappy, who plays without modesty and knows that it does not matter What he does because he is going to conquer his fans.

The idol gave to its followers (the majority bordering the majority of age accompanied by a good amount of parents in the sides of the track and in the stands loading coats, making videos and waiting stoic to their offspring) what they are looking for: a spectacle Of great dimensions. There were aerial acrobatics, a trampoline suspended above the audience, geysers, fireworks, Neon and a whole collection of platforms, cages and cubes that went up and down.

There were also steel lungs, cries, fainting, and there was, especially, very little voice and much karaoke. Reduce the technological theme park a bit and have a classic phenomenon teen pop book fan, that yes adapted to the 21st century. Two hours of triggered hormones and uncontrollable screaming. This is ‘biebermanía’.

One, which already pines the phenomenon somewhat, was wanted to imbue the pre-adolescent spirit accompanied by a ‘centennial’. Claudia, when she could barely speak, would spend hours in front of the TV watching Michael play around. He adored it. He had become a fan, a concept he neither knew nor cared about. So much so that for a time his parents (and all) hid him that he had died.

Years later he proudly wore a mini AC / DC T-shirt at the same time as making the horns. So imagine my face when in July the phone rings and says from the other side: ‘Tita, you have to take me to see Justin in Madrid ‘. Horror! What happened here? I guess my expression was the same as my parents when they saw my teenage folders with Axl Rose on one side and New Kids on the Block on the other.

Justin Bieber appeared at nine o’clock in the evening with British punctuality. He descended in a glass cube with a checkered shirt, vintage glasses of the reader, which he had time to clean as if it were a sacred chalice and a face of few friends. “She looks like Macaulay Culkin,” said Claudia to the hubbub of the nearby adults to see that she was right. Sieso and hieratic, inside his glass palace, sang the first notes of ‘ Mark my Words ‘ in a good metaphor of what was to be the night.

He in his world, moving the pelvis for the fervor of his girls like an automaton but not moving a muscle of his face (did this guy smile last night?) And aware that he does not need to do much more to keep them happy. Do not even dissimulate by bringing the microphone to your mouth when your voice sounds. This is your parish and your are the rules. With the same attitude he almost completely released his last album: ‘Where are you know’, ‘Get used to in’, ‘I’ll show you’ and ‘The feeling’ started the evening.

The best of the show came later when he linked a couple of songs in acoustic, sitting on a sofa and, this time yes, singing. ‘Love yourself’ and ‘Cold water’. Then came ‘ Home to Mama? ‘And’ Been you ‘ and the craziness of screams that turned the Palace of Sports of Madrid, newly baptized WiZink Center, into a great young karaoke. ‘ No pressure ‘ marked the end of the first part of the concert because inexplicably the Canadian has decided on this tour to make a break of 20 minutes.

Equipment already for the final stretch that began, just like the first, with another plaid shirt, his glasses I want to be intellectual and his apathy. ‘ Children ‘, who played with four Spanish children dancers who could embrace him after finishing the subject, ‘Let you love me’ and ‘Life is worth living’ ended up warming up a room delivered and prepare it for the best: Hitazos’ of the end. ‘ What do you mean ‘, ‘ Baby’ (the theme that started everything for Bieber) and ‘ Purpose ‘ marked the closing.

“I want to remind everyone that it matters who you are, where you come from, or how young you are. We all have a purpose,” Told his audience in what was his first (and only) sincere connection of the night. Late. There was only ‘ Sorry ‘, who sang with a Metallica T-shirt and under a curtain of water, so that his ‘beliebers’ and the 15,000 people who filled the Sports Palace – would have to be from another planet, To not know the refrain of this song – will burst with joy.

And for a fan like the night? An ecstasy wrapped in a showy tie built with a great display of lights, sound (merit of the bases and its band), impressive dancers and the technology that accompanies – and less badly – to Bieber. We could sum up Claudia’s concert – the first of her life of this magnitude – with a succession of ‘wings’, nervous jumps and ‘Baby, baby, ohhh’. “What I liked most was the water and the inflatable mattress,” he concluded at the end.

You see, the show comes first. Or the only thing. Although there is no shortage in the summary l a long list of screams of his young fans , which was what little live and really was heard last night in Madrid. The stamina of the scream ‘teenager’ Is inversely proportional to the sensitivity of the tympanum adult I reply: yes. But that’s not enough.

Justin Bieber is missing something fundamental that the great mass stars have: delivery and empathy with a public so surrendered that has mobilized entire families, at a rate of 90 euros a ticket, who has cried, jumped and told In a thousand different ways you want.

You should not forget to step on the stage that thanks to them has sold more than 100 million copies of their four albums at a time when living off the sale of records is a ruin. But what he most lacks is a live voice, despite his ‘beliebers’ seeming not to care because, you know, this is a spectacle. That is where the generational shock was most noticed last night. At least the teenagers took what they were looking for.


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