Angelina Jolie gives first lecture as professor at University of London


Angelina Jolie can already enter the profession of teacher in her curriculum! Earlier this morning, Jan. 14, Angelina , who appeared as the goddess in Guerlain’s perfume campaign , gave her first lecture before officially giving master’s degrees at the London School of Economics in London. Rogue!

According to People , the actress spoke about women’s rights in the context of refugee camps and how displacement and statelessness make women and girls vulnerable to sexual violence and other crimes.” Angelina spoke to a group of students taking the ‘Women, Peace and Security’ graduate course as part of her visiting teaching role at the Women, Peace and Security Center ,” a LSE spokeswoman said .

” Ms. Jolie spoke about her experience and what motivated her work as a special envoy to UNHCR and as a co-founder of Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative, and took questions from the class.” Angelina is expected to teach the subject for nine months, starting in September this year and continuing through May 2018.