Britney Spears Calls Out Drunken Fan During Show


Britney Spears , who showed off her body in photo on Instagram , went through a hysterical situation during a show in Las Vegas last Wednesday, 31! Calling a fan to the stage, Britney realized that the boy had drunk and caught her attention.

“Oh, my God, you’re drinking alcohol!” she said, teasing the audience. After the turnout, the dancers took the fan off the stage while Brit still seemed discredited. “Jesus Christ,” she said, making a funny face.

Britney Spears despairs after fan storming stage: “Does he have a gun?”

Britney Spears has gone through a rather unpleasant situation at the turn of her fixed tour in Las Vegas. On Wednesday night, 9, Britney , who melted for her boyfriend in cute video , was startled by a fan who stormed the stage and even thought he could be armed. OMG!

After the Crazy You Drive star , a fan tried to get her attention and took the stage. The dancers prevented the boy while the security guards protected Britney. ” Is everything okay?” “What’s happening? Does he have a gun? ” The singer asked, clearly panicked.

Britney then silenced her microphone and left the stage with the security guards. The audience made a point of showing support for the singer and sang: ” We love you! We love you! ” The attacker was eventually thrown out of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino , where the star should return on Friday, 11.

Britney Spears wants to change testament for children to receive their fortune only at 35

Britney Spears , who was startled by a fan onslaught on stage , is thinking about her children’s future. According to the TMZ website, Britney wants to change her will so that her children, Sean , age 11, and Jayden , 10, receive their fortune at age 35.

According to the vehicle, in her current testament in the event of Britney’s death, her children inherit their entire fortune when they turn 18. However, according to the source, in the new plan, boys will only have access to the star’s millions of dollars when they turn 35. They will have limited access at the age of 18, and then make more money by age 25.


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