Celebrities whose social media profiles were Hacked in 2017


Selena Gomez had her Instagram account overrun by hackers and she would be afraid that they could disclose her photos and personal messages , but unfortunately she was not the only famous victim of cyber criminals recently!
With that in mind, we made a list of all the celebrities who went through the same situation in 2017. Hopefully they will be the only ones!

Maisie Williams

The star of Game of Thrones was a victim of hackers earlier this year. During the raid, they stole photos of the actress with her friends at a spa in Japan, but her representative said it was not explicit.

Lucy Hale

The actress Pretty Little Liars also went through the same situation and had a photo stolen by the hacker. ” More one time , one woman public was raped , robbed and your life personal and body were exposed to anyone to see. I do not will I apologize for live my life and have one life staff that is my . it’s reallysad to know that being exposed in this way is allowed ” , she said on Twitter. ” And for those who want to have done this … Go to fuck ” , he continued.


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Cody Christian Video Leaked


Cody, who is also part of the cast PLL, had an intimate video leaked after hackearem their social networks. ” It is absolutely shocked , ashamed and furious at the leak of the video . To say that he is upset not would not even the beginning of anger that he is feeling now.

But the main feeling that he is feeling now is the humiliation. He did not believes that this happened to him ” , said a source at the time. ” Cody did not want to not leave the house or answer the phone , much less thinking of returning to work “, He continued. In the end, Cody used social networks to acknowledge the support of the fans during the moment that everything happened .

Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried

Emma and Amanda were also raided a few months ago. The criminals stole some photos of Emma in which she experimented with clothes and bikinis with a stylist, while Amanda’s were more explicit. Watson called his lawyers to take care of the case.

Demi Lovato

Demi and her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama , have had intimate photos leaked on the web. Despite the shock, the singer turned around and said on Twitter that she cared little, after all, she had just done a nude rehearsal for a magazine. You’re ruined!


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