Gwyneth Paltrow confesses the real reason for her breakup with Brad Pitt


Gwyneth Paltrow has given an interview in which she has talked about her ex Brad Pitt , revealing why her relationship ended 15 years ago. The actors were together for three years and the actress has finally talked about it and sent a message to the actor.

Gwyneth Paltrow has granted an interview for Girlboss in which she has sent a very clear message to one of her ex: Brad Pitt . That’s right, remember that the actors lived their beautiful love story 15 years ago and finally the actress has confessed the reason for the break and has dedicated a few words to the ex Angelina Jolie .

“Brad Pitt, if you’re listening … I ruined ours,” said Chris Martin’s ex . She herself has confessed that she is not very good at being in a couple, she has even assured that she has ruined many of their relationships: “I am a good friend and a good sister, also daughter and mother, but I am more vulnerable in the romantic part,” said Paltrow.

Right now, the actress is in one of her personal best moments because of her relationship with television producer Brad Falchuk : “I had a hard time getting to where I am now. I have a healthy relationship , ” He said about his partner.

A relationship that emerged after she separated from Coldplay’s vocalist , with whom she has two children, Apple and Moses, and with whom she has a good relationship: “If you are not able to have a good relationship with your partner, your children or your friends, it’s very difficult for you to really achieve success . ”


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